Tower African Project

Tower Christian Centre is a London based Christian organisation that is heavily involved in charity work. 

After the gruesome 10 years civil war in Sierra Leone, we had the vision to reach out and help in re-building the nation.

With this desire came the opportunity to educate the children based in the Bango Farm community, in the outskirts of Freetown (The Capital), and in the provinces. In our initial contact with the communities, we found that there was a great need for schools.

The first school was started in Bango Farm. The children in that community were mostly illiterate, who used to help their parents to break stones for their living (Video below). But since 2011, we have started a Primary School with barely anything. We also have two more schools in Gbasati and Molamina Villages (Moyamba District) respectively. All the schools are growing rapidly, but need a lot of help. 

At present, the school in Bango Farm alone comprises of 6 classes - from Nursery to Year 5 with a total number of school children at approximately 170.

However, at this present time we are a faced with a bigger challenge to overcome. The greatest need we have right now is to own a building that will comfortably fit all of the classes. 

With the recent Ebola Virus crises that ravaged the nation, there is now a greater need to also help the orphans that have lost their parents to the disease. 

We are in dire need, nevertheless, with your help, we will be able to build a basic structure that could fit in all the classes, including toilet facilities that will facilitate basic hygiene and general well being of the children, while they receive the best education we can offer to them. 

Thank you.